Cibolo Mountain Front


Cibolo Mountain Front is a secluded society located in the Cascade Mountian Range in Northern Washington state. It is a mountainous region surrounded by lush green land. The beauty of its nature is protected and preserved by the communities residents whom, collectively, share the value of tolerance and Freedom of Liberty. Cibolo Mountain Front is an eco-friendly society that strives to preserve the land it is built upon while living in harmony with nature.


Upon acquiring a large sum of money the Cibolo Mountain Front founders headed northwest where they came upon what is now called the Cibolo Mountain. The mountain and adjacent areas were so impressive, they decided to buy the mountain as well as the fifteen miles around it, upon which they would found a new civilization for all peoples and nations. They purchased the area, located in the northern region of Washington state, from the US government. As construction began they discovered a previously unknown tribe living within the mountain. Upon making first contact with this tribe, the founders quickly established a line of communication and hired a linguist who was able to decipher their language and aided in establishing relations. After months of getting to know these peoples, and learning their culture the founders realized how vital they would be to the new society so they decided to coexist with them and incorporate their myths into our own ideas of existence.



"It is said that our peoples were once nomads, constantly searching for a place to call home. Our efforts were tireless, and our spirits taxed until one day a medicine man had a vision of a mountain and we were to travel with the setting sun to reach the mountain and all our problems would be solved. So our people traveled with the setting sun with the medicine man at the helm, and through all our tireless effortswe finally found the promised Cibolo. Upon this mountain and the lands surrounding we found plenty of food and materials to create the lives we all dreamed of some day having. And we seldom if ever came into contact with any other peoples. On occasion a few members from different tribes would wander in, but usually found us to their likingand would find themselves at peace and in a new home.”

" peoples have a story for how things came to be. The Sun and the Moon would often gaze onto the Earth and see it lonely and without color. At this time the Earth was a barren place where nothing grew and there was no color. Upon seeing this landscape day in and day out, the Sun and Moon grew bored, and yearned to see life spring forward. The two had no idea the other felt this way, until they would start to cross paths, I believe your people call it an eclipse. During this eclipse, the two began to talk and realized how they both desired to see the Earth bustle with activity, and with their combined efforts, they began to nurture the Earth and brought forth into existence of the first plants and animals. Seeing these creatures and plants coexist, brought warmth to the hearts of both the Sun and Moon, but still they felt something was missing. Several years later another eclipse occurred and the two got to talking, they were pleased with how active the Earth was and the amount of activity and color they saw, but both agreed something was definitely missing. So in their wisdom and power they created the first human beings, and instilled within them the tools necessary to master this planet. The Sun gave them warm blood, vision and the wisdom of the Sky. The Moon gave them keen senses in the night, the wisdom of the Stars and language. Mother Earth was so excited about her new resident she gave humans the perfect arms and legs of which to properly tread this planet and also the wisdom of the land with which to guide us. And for this reason, the eclipse is considered holy to our peoples and we consider it a union of the spirits in the sky that watch over us happily gazing down at their greatest creation."


The following is a personal testimony from one of the founders of Cibolo Mountain Front, in a sense it is what inspired him to found and create the Cibolo Mountain Front.
John Ceavers: When I was a boy I grew up in a bad area of St Louis Missouri. During my tenure there I joined the Navy and later went on to study Law at NYU, I was subject to some of the ugly sides of humanity. I can't speak for how things are done these days, or how they've been done the past thirty or forty years in St Louis, but I can sure tell you how things were done when I was a kid. I'm sure there are plenty of good cops out there, but I never met a single one. If you pissed one off he made special effort to make sure you knew. I remember walking home from school one day, a cop pulled up beside me, got out of the car, shoved me to the ground and said, "You tell your brother we're looking for him," then he spit in my face. My brother was the classic good kid bad environment type, he could have been something special but applied his talents to thievery and just about any kind of crime that could make him some money. Our pops kicked him out after they went a few rounds and left each other a bloody mess. "Fine with me old man! I can buy and sell your ass with how much I make these days!" Last I heard of my brother he was doing forty for beating up a cop and stuffing him in his trunk, then drove through three states till he got busted.
And racism was around every corner and coming from just about everybody. Seemed like you could catch hate for just being alive. But I won't go too far into that because one of my beliefs is in discussing certain aspects of racism, you're adding fuel to someone's fire to keep that war going. My home life was no better, the only time I got three meals and my own bed was if I happened to land myself in Juvenile hall. Which is why for me if I went into a grocery store and stole a candy bar, either way it paid off. The last straw that made me join the navy as soon as I could would be at the hands of one of those cops I told you about earlier. A buddy of mine was suspected of severely injuring and robbing an older gentleman who had a certain amount of pull in the community. Problem was he was hiding out and nobody was talking. The cops knew he and I hung out sometimes, which made them haul me in one day. I didn't know anything about his whereabouts, I actually hadn't seen the guy in over a month. That didn't stop the cops from exerting whatever pressure they could to get me to talk. They threatened to put me in what they called key. See they can only legally hold you for 72 hours, after that they have to let you go. But then when your 72 hours are up, they start telling you about how you're a suspect down at this other precinct and they have to take you there for questioning, and that's another 72 hours. And it keeps going like that till you do their song and dance. Luckily for me during questioning my friend was found and I was able to leave. As soon as I did I walked into a Navy Recruiters office and left as soon as I could for the high seas.
I have a million other stories I could tell you but feel like I made my point. I worked hard to pull together the money to create my own civilization and went through a lot. Which is why I'm proud to be one of the founding members of the Cibolo Mountain Front. I feel like my experiences taught me all the hard lessons of life and am thankful for having gone through them and pulled myself out of them. Our society is definitely the complete opposite of everything I just mentioned and I'm proud to be a member.

Core Values
Cibolo Mountain Front strongly believes in respect, not only for nature and one's surroundings but for the individual as well. We strive to live in peace among a varied cultural and religious community. We believe that each person has the right to chose a path in life that will grant each individual peace and harmony.
Religous freedom is extremely important to our society as it religious morals guide each citizien in their daily lives however, through the teaching of the Nawaku we have learned not to impose our own beliefs on our neighbors but rather to embrace their choices and be at peace. We understand that we are each an individual and have the right to follow any spiritul practices that bring peace to the practioner.

Community and Family are highly regarded by all citizens. As a community we understand that each person has a life away from work and school that is just as important to them as their career. Our local retailers understand how important family is to our community and stores do not remain open past 7p.m. and are operated Monday through Friday only allowing Saturday and Sunday to remain days of worship, recreation, and community.
Nature is not only a precious resource our community but is also vital to the health and wellness each individual. We strive to alter the land as little as possible and when we find a need to do so the greatest cares are takend to retain as much of the natural elements as possible in design. We utilize community gardens to reduce exposure to unnecessary toxins that would lead to the deterioration of health in our community. We do not consume flouridated water. We believe that nature has everything we need to live a well balanced life. Most produce is gathered not from markets but through community gardens or from organic farmers markets. Great care is taken not to over strain our farming resources and every effort is taken to care preserve the natural surroundings. Recyling and natural energies are also a large aspect of preserving our resources.
Simple Living is practiced by residents of Cibolo. Simply put it is a way of life where emphasis is placed on reducing possesions and increasing self-sufficiency. By reducing



Cibolo Mountain is an independent nation within the regional state of Washington governed by it's own Constitution and body of laws. U.S. laws do not apply to Cibolo Mountain. The government was formed as an independent frontier in protest of the [outside world]. It is a nation populated by immigrants from all over the world who have come together for the same purpose – the wellbeing of humanity.capital_building.jpgLawsThe Humane Law
  • Individual liberty
  • Respect the liberty of others
  • Dignity of human and animal life

- The Criminal Laws -
Crimes against humanity[Charges are judged in accordance to crimeand its severity; without bias gender, age, race, religion, etc.]
  • Murder
  • Assault/Battery (color, culture, creed, age, gender, sexuality, animalia, ideology)
  • Kidnapping
  • Torture/Abuse (applicable to all life)lady_justice.jpg
  • Mischief/Bullying
  • Terrorism & Treason

Property Crimes

  • Vandalism
  • Burglary
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Trespassing
  • Spying
  • Littering
  • Loitering

Ecological Laws
  • Littering prohibited
  • Mandatory recycling
  • Smoking permitted, (but highly taxed)
  • Mandated proper disposal of hazard chemicals.
  • Energy efficient appliances and lighting are
  • mandatory in order meet commercial/residential guidelines.

Education Laws
  • State regulated and assessed education is mandatory
(homeschooling disallowed unless granted)
  • Formal education begins at age 4 and complete by age 18school_books.png
  • All students must abide by State legislated uniform policy
  • Absences must be excused by parent through league of
medical, emergency, or legal excuse
  • Excessive absences could result in the intervention of local authorities
[The Punishment varies depends on crime and its severity.]
·Capital punishment - outlawed
·Imprisonment – maximum sentence 35 years
·Rehabs and correctional felicities (preferred utilization)
·Property crimes – arrested and/or fined
·Crimes against environment – fined or penalized
·Crime against humanity – varies
·Community service (for minor offense)
·Educational disobedience – intervention of authorities and/or social worker
·In case of treason, expulsion may be used
  • Marriage is defined as a union between two consenting adults
  • Couple must be consoled by counselor before obtaining marriage license
  • The legal age for marital consent is 18 wedding-rings.png
  • Same-sex marriage is fully recognized
  • May be granted in circumstances involving infidelity, separation, and domestic abuse
  • Must go through couple/family counseling first
  • Neglect/Abandonment
  • Possessions – disputed


The Newaku tribe believed that everything on the Earth had a spirit and must be treated with

respectin order to mantain peace and harmony. The Founders adapted this belief in to their

or Aethiest; Cibolo Front residents allow each individual to decide the path of spiritualityown practices.
Freedom of religion is greatly stressed, be you Buddist, Chrisitan, Muslim, that brings peace to the individual.
Community worship centers are found through out the Cibolo community. These centers can seat up to 1200
people and members of any faith may atttend the various services held here. In addition to religious services
community gatheringsare held here to encourage citizens to form friendships and promote tolerance of each individual.

In honor of the Nawaku traditions there is a great importance placed on Nature. Natural elements can be seen in every aspect of the community and is used widely in our
architecure. Woods, plants, rocks, and water are all elements you will find in buildings, homes, and shopping centers.


The Cibolo Mountain Front makes every effort to encorpate natural elements into design but also to encorporate housing into Nature. Earth Houses like these are built into the ground to help provide protection from the elements as well as
providing natural heating and cooling. The earth house is a flexible construction which can be built according to the wishes of its owners, fulfilling the need for individuality, environmentally friendly construction and energy saving.

family-hike.jpgGreat importance is placed on family, at Cibolo Mountain Front families spend a
great deal of time outsideand enjoy a variety of activities including hiking, tubing,
and skiing during winter months.

Schools are built with enviroment in mind, the roofs are covered in translucent solar panels

and glass, bringing the outdoors in while producing 225 kW of clean energy. Classrooms tucked inside the
naturally ventilated building provide an energy-efficient space to learn in.

Knowledge is power and we believe in inspiring students to spend a lifetime learning. The early years are crucial to developement schools for 0-3 are available if desired and curriculum is developed through play, art, and music. Elementary schools begin with pre-k and go through sixth grade. We offer students and teachers a unique opportunity to grow together. Teachers advance through each grade level with their class. This allows a close bond between student and teacher and provides the opportunity for Teachers to craft their curriculum to each students needs.


Junior High is grades 7-9 we believe allowing students to remain with a younger group will allow them the time needed to mature before moving on to High School. High School is grades 10-12 and is held in block scheduling, students are also able to select classes in Math, English, History, Science, and Arts, according to their interests. This prepares students for higher eduction and inspires a lifetime of passion for learning.

Gathering regularly is extremely important in Cibolo society. If we don't get to know our neighbors how can we have tolerance for others and their beliefs? We must be exposed to different ways of life, different cultures, religions, and races
. Monthly block parties are held to keep people active in society and keep people informed about their neighbors and the world around them.


In addition to block parties, community gardens are maintained through out Cibolo. Not only does this provide an opportunity for people to gather, but it also provides a sense of unity as we work to grow and maintain a source of nutrition.

garden.png 03-590.jpg

Healthy living is also encouraged in Cibolo through our parks and recreations department. Most parks have free gym equipment for the public to use and classes are held daily for anyone who would like to attend.